Spring Sports Update: Girls Track


Connor Goodman, Sports Editor


The Girls Track Team was looking forward to a new season. With high hopes the returning Seniors Skylar Myrtetus, Daisy Byers, Caroline McDowell, and Rachel Kussik all looking to improve upon solid Junior seasons. 

The seniors had this to say when being asked about their season potentially getting cancelled:

Daisy Byers: “I have been a member of the track team since freshman year, and the sport has been one of the most meaningful parts of my high school experience. The memories I’ve made and the friends I’ve gained from this sport are incomparable, and it breaks my heart that I don’t get to finish the season off with my teammates my senior year.”

Mirjeta Birisha: “I started track my junior year so for me it is really heartbreaking that my last year was so short. For the other guys who have done this sport for four years or longer may be the hardest because their last year is being taken away by this tragedy but for me, I only started to really get the sport and get better at it and it got take away”

Riley Burke: “I haven’t done track for long but I quickly fell in love with it. During my time, I met some awesome teammates and learned from great coaches and most importantly I’ve learned something that no other sport has taught me. Because I couldn’t rely on other people in this sport I learned a different type of dedication and pushed myself in ways I didn’t know I could.”

Victoria Kurdman: “I was part of the team for four years and it’s upsetting that the season was cut off abruptly. It gave me something to do.”