Teachers monitor students internet use with Go Guardian

Since the beginning of testing, schools have been attempting to eliminate cheating, and as electronic use in schools rise, it becomes more and more difficult to stop students from using the internet to cheat and/or waste time on video games, work from other classes, sports news, messaging sights, etc.

More recently, a select amount of teachers from each subject have began beta testing Go Guardian in both the middle school and high school. This program allows teachers to get a report on students internet activity that period, monitor the student’s screen, and send them private messages to either get them on task or ask the student questions privately. This makes it nearly impossible to cheat, because the school already has barracuda installed. Barracuda has blocked most sites used to cheat or waste time. This affects students at BHS directly, as they’re forced to rely on their integrity and fight temptation. In addition, Go Guardian also means students will be caught if they play games during class time.

Based on the way Go Guardian is programmed, everyone is able to be monitored, students from all grades and classes. Several students have been caught cheating on quizzes already, and one student in particular, was completely shocked to find that the teacher had discovered his search history including websites like Reddit, and searching up cthulhu.

When asked what he made of the teacher discovering his search history, he said, “I was shocked.”

Student Cary Berg ‘21 mentions, “You should be warned, but if you’re scared, you’re doing something wrong.”

Literacy teachers Mrs. O’Brien and Mrs. Hunkele have admitted to having this software. In addition, Magistra Martin has also said she has the capabilities of the the Go Guardian program. In essence, no one has impunity, Go Guardian let’s teachers of all classes monitor all grades.

Go Guardian may seem like just another way to keep students in line, but it’s purpose is only to help students.

Go Guardian director of Technology Jay Greenliner says, “We’re finding students are more motivated to learn more, and to be self-guided learners which is really our ultimate goal, to create that level of learning in students so when they’re not with us, they’re desiring to learn and grow, and to be better selves.”

Essentially, Go Guardian is trying to teach students not to cheat and work diligently during work time, and so when they eventually move onto college or future job, they won’t need Go Guardian to keep in line.

Go Guardian also helps enforce academic integrity. One of the beta testers of Go Guardian Mrs. O’Brien states how Go Guardian enforces academic integrity. “As education continues to become paperless and digital,” she states. “Go Guardian helps teachers identify which students are off task and which students are possibly cheating by opening other tabs or copying and pasting material.” Mrs. O’Brien said she wishes the school continues using Go Guardian.

It’s fair to say Mrs. O’Brien speaks not only for herself, but for other teachers beta testing Go Guardian. When speaking to her, she alluded to Go Guardian acting as “big brother.” She stated “Hopefully, if all students know that Big Brother is always watching, it will cut down on academic integrity issues and allow all students to truly express their own thoughts and ideas in their assignments.” Mrs. O’Brien and other teachers feel that Go Guardian is boosting the academic integrity in students, using a virtual Big Brother to help students grow.

Go Guardian will be hard on students, but both teachers and developers of the program are hoping this program increases academic integrity. Go Guardian promises to be hard on students, especially those with bad habits.

In addition, Go Guardian means no one has impunity, and there will be no computer privacy for students of all classes and grades. Weather the program is liked or not or even gets past beta, it clear the change is immanent. Students will be monitored and must find a way to focus on their work.