Burger King Shuts Down after 30 Years of Service

Noah Gagnon


After being in business for over 30 years, Burger King has closed its doors for good as of Saturday, September 30. The restaurant was forced to close after they were unable to renew their lease with their landlords. Sophomore James Vandenherik says, “I am extremely sad that Burger King has closed, I deeply miss my chicken fries.”

Burger King closing is a great disappointment to the Bernardsville community, as it was seen as a friendly restaurant to all comers. From families looking to grab a quick meal to high school students trying to enjoy a bite to eat and spend time with their friends and all eaters in between, Burger King was a truly beloved location.

Although Burger King was loved by many, health food advocates welcome the change in downtown Bernardsville. Sophomore Connor Goodman stated, “Although I enjoyed Burger King, I look forward for a healthier location to take it’s place. I believe that it is for the embetterment of our community that our town be without fast food.”

With the fast food giant closed permanently, a vacancy will be left in one of the largest locations in Bernardsville downtown strip mall. Although a Chipotle has been rumored to take the spot of Burger King, nothing has been confirmed by the town or the group that owns the strip mall. With a vacancy now in what was Burger King’s location, the town is set to receive a plethora of new eateries, as a secondary strip mall is currently in construction. When referring to Bernardsville’s latest construction, sophomore Heily Cordero says, “I think it’s cool and super convenient to have another spot in Bernards since so many students go to town, now we’ll just have a lot more variety to choose from. I’m pretty excited to see what new stores open around here!”

Although new eateries are certainly on the horizon in Bernardsville, fast food lovers will have to seek out other options outside of town for now, which includes Burger King in Bedminster, McDonald’s in Bridgewater, and Wendy’s in both Bridgewater and Chester.  

The closing of Bernardsville beloved “BK” has overshadowed the closing of several local stores, such as Bling. Sophomore Charles Porr stated, “I’m upset that so many stores are closing, but I’m excited for the changes.” Positive improvements are certainly on the horizon for our great town.