Girls tennis serves up a great season

Megan Mlynarski '18, Sports Editor

The girls tennis team wraps up the season with their annual tradition of a classic doubles tournament within the team. Each team player from the team find another partner and battle it out with one another, until one overall doubles team is left. Mary Bertoni, a senior on varsity said, “It is a really fun way to wrap up the season and finish it off. It is the right amount of fun and competition needed to end the tennis season. As a senior I am sad this will be my last year with them.” The doubles tournament was held on Monday, October 23.

They finished up the season with a team record of 9-8. This year they made far, playing against West Essex for the sectional championship title. Sadly, they lost with a final score of 1-4. Meghan Miller and Libby Bielawa were so close to catching a win, but just missed it with scores of their matches being 3-6, 6-4, and 7-10.

Captain Uma Patla, a senior on varsity for second singles, said, “We did the best we could and although the result was disappointing, I am glad we made it far this season.” West Essex was a tough competitor, yet in the game, Sydney Nguyen, had the one match to come out on top, being first singles on the team her junior and senior year, as well as being on varsity since her sophomore year.

Before big state matches, they gather up in the community room, and eat as a team. It is their time to build up team spirit and pump each other up, before going out to compete. The team also sets up a tent with lots of food to eat before the SCIAA matches. They all prepare together.

Great moment from the season includes the complete shutout victory against Governor Livingston, final score being 5-0. Sydney Nguyen said, “It was really fun season, and I am proud of our team for pulling out tough wins like Gov Livingston.” Many players’ matches ended strong, making a quick catch up to take all the wins in this day. Uma Patla quickly came back against Gov. Livingston with finishing score of 6-3, 6-4. First doubles, Katie and Danielle were down and then tied up the game to win it with the score of 7-6, 7-5. The tennis coach, Ms. Tarulli said, “Since our loss against Governor Livingston in last year’s state tournament semifinal, one of our goals was to defeat them in the state tournament if we had the opportunity to face them again. We improved immensely from our first to our last match this season. We took down Governor Livingston 5-0 in the state semifinal to make it to the sectional final for the second time in three years!” Although they are done with their season for the fall 2017, the girls tennis team is closing out the year with the doubles tournament.